Our Protection

We came up with an efficient and effective way of protecting a social influencer’s content. Whether you’re on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other social media – we can protect you.

Protection Against
Illegal Sharing.

Protect yourself and your content against illegal sharing of your videos, images and more.

Protection Against

Impersonation, catfish and fake accounts are a serious threat. Take them down with Socialis.

Protection Against
Illegal Merchandising.

Online marketplaces such as Redbubble, Etsy and Spreadshirt are full of unauthorized merchandise.

Other threats that we'll protect you from.

Piracy can be unseen. You might not even notice it.

How Socialis Protects
Your Content.

In order to protect your content, we incorporate several
anti-piracy tools and techniques.

Automated Monitoring

Socialis makes use of an automated search engine. This search engine crawls all known social media, piracy sites and other known digital threats. Whenever illegal content is found, we will report it and take it down.

Manual Work

In order to offer a complete takedown service, we also do manual searching and monitoring. Our agents will manually look through known piracy sites and Google to find illegally shared copies of your copyrighted videos, photos, etc.

Experience sweet benefits whilst being fully protected.

Get back your stolen revenue.

Without illegally shared versions of your content, your followers will come back to you.

Control your reputation.

With no impersonating accounts to damage your reputation, you can control what people see.